My Approach

I simply LOVE to help entrepreneurs, those that are trying to make it happen. I personally get a big kick out of being that "guy who knows what to do about this" when it comes to setting up and keeping critical business details in order. I am systematic, uberresponsive and also a great communicator. I am a contemplator so I think deeply before acting. I am a numbers guy, my dad always said "Words can confuse, but numbers don't lie." and so I stick with that philosophy, let's quantify so that we can justify.

Over the years I have been termed the "clean up guy" or the "get sh*t organized guy". Some folks are highly creative and also highly disorganized right into their financial life. I don't mind messes at all, but I look for ways to keep things less messy.

My Story

I grew up in an entrepreneurs home. My dad created and ran several businesses at the same time for most of my life. He didn't begin there, he was a mechanic for years. He wanted different for me and my siblings. So he studied his ass off and learned business, turned out he was really good at business. Real Estate, Banking, Title, Appraisal, Cleaning and a few others. Out of my stints working for him in his companies my blood turned Entrepreneur. Later in life I hooked up with Dave Ramsey and embraced the Entreleadership mantra: Focused Intensity Over Time Multiplied by Gods Great Momentum. I believe there is NO substitute for HARD WORK, no shortcuts that are worth taking and we can't succeed alone. If you are looking for shortcuts or someone to blame, then we won't be a good match. None of us are perfect HOWEVER we can surely strive to perfect our craft! Let's work!

I am happily married to my wife of 23 years and counting. We have 4 healthy children, ages 8-16.

I raise chickens who lay eggs which we sell to our neighbors.

I am a Volunteer Firefighter for my local township.

I have a successful bookkeeping company


Next Steps...

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